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North Fork Technologies

Customer’s 1895G 45-70 groups with 458 350FP

Win. Mod. 70, 416 rem mag 6 shot group comprised of three 400gr NF Soft Points and three 400gr NF Cup Point Solids

Customer's 450 Dakota 3 shot group with 458 450ss

The North Fork Advantage Reviews:
Bullets for Heavily Armored Deer...or Bear

The .416 Rigby CZ 550 American Safari Magnum Part II

African Hunter Article

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Shooting Illustrated’s Guns and Hunting articles:
“When the Bullet Hits the Bone”
“Regular or Premium”

Interesting Test Results on North Fork 7mm
and host of other manufacturers

Custom Loaded Ammunition Featuring North Fork Bullets Available at:
Ultimate Ammunition

If you like to cast your own bullets, check this out:
Hollow Point Mold

The ultimate photo safari of Kruger National Park with Dr. Kevin Robertson and his professional photographer wife Catherine. A great addition to your hunting safari.