Company History:

Over a decade ago, 1996 Mike Brady started North Fork Bullets with the goal of creating the best hunting bullets in the world while providing exceptional service to its customers. North Fork's years of continuous development and dedication to perfection has resulted in four innovative product lines: Perfection bonded soft point, percussion point, flat point solid and cup point solid, each with industry leading performance. North Fork is a small, independent bullet manufacturer who listens to the needs of its customers. North Fork Bullets are manufactured in south part of Sweden. 

Bullet Design:
At North Fork, we use the finest materials, the tightest tolerances and the most robust designs to give you unrivaled terminal performance with "match grade" accuracy in the field. Ultra pure copper and lead are used in our products to give unfailing performance as compared to impure alloyed/gilded metals. Our soft points and solids are designed to hit the same point of impact while our innovative pressure and foul reducing grooves allow more reloading flexibility and less rifle clean-up then competing designs. North Fork bullets have a highly regarded track record around the world. Whether you are on a once in a lifetime safari or in a demanding situation

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The North Fork Advantage (No Compromises):

Pure Copper Jacket:   While pure copper is both difficult to machine and expensive, it is the best material for bullet jackets when unfailing, controlled expansion is required.  Gilded metals (copper alloys) have impurities added to create stresses in the material that allow faster and easier  machining, but they are less malleable and result in fractures during impact.  In every instance, pure copper jacketed bullets will stay together better under impact than those made from “gilded or alloyed metals”.

Premium Bonded” Lead Core:  Bonding the lead core to the copper jacket eliminates lead core to jacket separation often seen in traditional non-bonded bullet designs.  The molecular bond allows the bullet to stay together during impact resulting in higher retained weight than non-bonded or poorly/partially bonded bullets.  Lead enables a higher sectional density/heavier bullet for the same length compared to pure copper designs resulting in deeper penetration.

Solid Copper Shank: With the lead core in front and the solid copper shank in the rear, impact results in a perfect mushroom over a large range of velocities. At impact, the front lead core expands until it reaches the solid copper shank stopping the mushroom at its maximum diameter.  With the solid copper shank and limited mushroom size, the center of mass remains forward of the centerline resulting in a stable, straight path through game.  Unlike cup and core bullets, faster velocities with North Fork bullets will not cause the bullet to over-expand limiting penetration but actually allows North Fork bullets to penetrate deeper.  Many bullets over-expand resulting in the center of mass moving rearwards beyond its centerline, at which point the bullet begins to tumble resulting in loss of penetration and unpredictable travel (often an issue with copper only designs).

Smart Band Technology (SBT): Copper has a tendency to “foul” the rifle barrel. North Fork utilizes much smaller bands (SBT) than the competition. The bands reduce the contact surface area between the bullet and rifling minimizing fouling. The smaller bands conform to the barrel by providing an area for the copper to flow dramatically reducing copper fouling. Other banded bullets have wide bands that minimize contact area but do not provide room for displacement. The process of manufacturing the smaller bands is very time consuming, but the effect is dramatic (no compromises).

Designed Impact Geometries (DIG):  North Fork bullets are designed to create the perfect mushroom in the field. Geometries are engineered to give you consistent expansion and unfailing reliability over the widest range of velocities possible whether shooting a high velocity magnum or a standard cartridge. The benefits, whether the game is up close or at a longer range, are predictable expansion, deep penetration and high retained weight. Traditional bullet designs only work well over a limited velocity range. North Fork bullets are designed to give you the confidence to take the shot.

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