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Why North Fork?

Choosing the right bullet can make the difference between a succesful hunt and a less successful one. What gives a bullet its effectiveness is not the ”energy transfer” but rather the bullet’s ability to reach vital organs. Therefore a hunter needs a bullet which both expands reliably and penetrates deeply. A good bullet must stay together even if it hits bone and it shouldn’t deflect too readily.

Our bullets stay together under the enormous pressures generated during impact and therefore they are able to penetrate deeply and reliably.

Choose North Fork for a Premium Hunting Bullet giving you world class performance no matter where you hunt.

From our customers

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North Fork’s History

In 1996 Mike Brady started manufacturing North Fork bullets in Glenrock, Wyoming, with the goal of creating the best hunting bullets in the world. After almost 30 years of continuing development and co-operation with some of the world’s most experienced big game hunters we have developed six innovative products covering everything a hunter needs.

Our Premium Bonded Bullets

Semi Spitzer (SS), Percussion Point (PP), Flat Point (FP)

Our Copper Bullets

Copper Expanding (CPX), Flat Point Solid (FPS), Cup Point Solid (CPS)

About Us

North Fork is a small and independent manufacturer who listens to the needs of our customers. In 2020 North Fork moved production to Kristianstad in the south of Sweden.

  • Semi Spitzer (SS) - Premium Bonded Bullets
  • Percussion Point (PP) - Rapid Expansion Bonded Bullets
  • Flat Point (FP) - Bonded Bullets for Leverguns
  • Copper Expanding (CPX) - Pure Copper Expanding Bullets
  • Flat Point Solid (FPS) - Copper Solid Bullets
  • Cup Point Solid (CPS) - Expanding Copper Solids

Bullet Design

At North Fork, we use ultra-pure copper and lead combined with the tightest tolerances to give unfailing terminal performance and match-grade accuracy in the field. The innovative design of our small grooves reduce both pressure and fouling while the number of grooves ensure a steady contact between rifling and bullet. This gives great accuracy, more reloading flexibility, and less bore cleaning compared with competing designs.

All our bullets are designed to shoot to the same point of impact, allowing for confident follow-up shots on dangerous game with different bullet types. Whether you are on a once in a lifetime safari or hunting your own backwoods - our bullets have a highly regarded track record and are used by hunters all around the world.

North Fork Technologies 

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