North Fork 416 

.416 Dia.

370 gr.

Sec. Density  .305

FIV  1800-2900

Length 1.440Ē

PIV  2200-2800


This is the heavy weight hammer in 416.  It is suitable for anything that a 416 soft point is suitable for, moose, big bear, Asiatic buffalo, Cape buffalo and any other animal in that size range or temperament.  Even though it was designed for the heavier species, it will still open on the lighter species.  Itís the only 416 bullet that you need for your Safari.  One bullet weight for everything.  One caution, do not intentionally down load this bullet.  It was designed and constructed to perform itís best when driven at the top velocity potential from the currently available cartridges.  When used on dangerous game, the bullet will do the greatest damage and penetrate its best when used inside 150 yards.  Unless you are sensitive to recoil or you have a carbine length barrel, there is no reason to shoot this bullet slower than 2500fps from a Remington, or 2600 from a Rigby or Weatherby.  The penetration increases at the higher velocities.  I know this is counter to the accepted practice of slow to moderate velocities giving the best penetration.  That method only pertains to conventional, full-length core, bullets.  On a conventional bullet, the faster they are driven, the more they expand and the less they penetrate.  With North Forks, the mushroom size is at itís maximum around 2100 fps.  Due to its design, when it is driven faster, the mushroom does not grow in size.  Therefore, with a constant mushroom size, the faster bullet will have a higher momentum with the same frontal area.  The result is greater penetration at the higher impact speeds.  At the slower speeds, or at greater distances, the bullet is more likely to stay inside the animal, with the bullet invariably found just under the hide on the offside.  Once again gentlemen, this is a sledgehammer.  Do not swing it like a fly swatter.         

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