Why North Fork?

Choosing the right bullet can make the difference between a succesful hunt and a less successful one. What gives a bullet its effectiveness is not the ”energy transfer” but rather the bullet’s ability to reach vital organs. Therefore a hunter needs a bullet which both expands reliably and penetrates deeply. A good bullet must stay together even if it hits bone and it shouldn’t deflect too readily.

Our bullets stay together under the enormous pressures generated during impact and therefore they are able to penetrate deeply and reliably.

North Forks History

In 1996, Mike Brady of Glenrock, Wyoming, manufacturing North Fork bullets with the goal of creating the best hunting bullets in the world. After almost 30 years of continuous development and collaboration with some of the world's most experienced big game hunters, this has resulted in six innovative products that cover all hunters' needs.

Our Bonded lead core bullet with solid shank.

Semi Spitzer (SS), Percussion Point (PP), Flat Point (FP)

Our pure copper bullet.

Copper Expanding (CPX), Flat Point Solid (FPS), Cup Point Solid (CPS)

About us.

North Fork is a small and independent bullet manufacturer that listens to the needs of its customers. In the spring of 2020, North Fork moved production to Kristianstad in southern Sweden.