Soft Point (SS) 375 300gr SS

North Fork Semi Spitzter (SS)

Experience more one shot kills with North Fork Soft Points. Our Soft Points are designed to give you deep, devastating straight line penetration over the broadest range of conditions. The robust, solid copper shank along with the bonded lead front core gives you a "percect mushroom" every time.  
*Deep-penetrating solid copper shank.
*Highest weight retention preimum bonded lead core. 
*Pressure and foul-reducing grooves
*Straight-penetrating weight forward design
*Unfailing pure copper jacket and pure lead.

Semi Spitzer is produced in following calibers and weight.
.257 100gr SS
.257 120gr SS
.264 120gr SS
.264 140gr SS
.277 110gr SS
.277 130gr SS
.277 150gr SS
.284 130gr SS
.284 160gr SS
.308 150gr SS
.308 165gr SS
.308 180gr SS
.308 200gr SS
.323.180gr SS
.323 200gr SS
.323 220gr SS
.338 200gr SS
.338 225gr SS
.338 250gr SS
.348 230gr FP
.358 200gr SS
.358 225gr SS
.358 250gr SS
.358 270gr SS
.366 214gr SS
.366 250gr SS
.366 286gr SS
.375 250gr SS
.375 270gr SS
.375 300gr SS
.375 350gr SS
.410 400gr SS
.411 300gr SS
.411 360gr SS
.411 400gr SS
.416 325gr SS
.416 370gr SS
.416 400gr SS
.416 430gr SS
.423 340gr SS
.423 380gr SS
.423 400gr SS
.423 430gr SS
.458 300gr FP
.458 350gr FP
.458 350gr SS
.458 400gr SS
.458 405gr FP
.458 450gr SS
.458 500gr SS
.458 550gr SS
.474 425gr SS
.474 500gr SS
.500 375gr FP
.500 400gr FP

North Fork Percusion Point (PP) 375 300gr PP

North Fork Percusion Point.

Shocking. Opens fast and penetrates deep. The percussion point is specifically designed for large felines and has an expansion groove near the point of the bullet that provokes rapid expansion and massive initial shock. A bonded lead core and solid copper shank ensure high weight retention and a large and deep wound channel after the initial explosion. When on safari the visible expansion groove provide tactile and visible confidence the correct bullet is being used att the proper time. From .375 300gr we manufacture our SS bullet with thicker mouth. That ensure deep penetration when you hunt buffalo. For Moose, Elk, Bear and other animal the PP is a perfect choice.

We manufacture PP in following calibers and weights.

.375 300gr 350 gr
.410 400gr
.411 400gr
.416 400gr 430gr
.423 400gr, 430gr
.458 500gr 550gr

North Fork Flat Point Solid (FPS) 375 300gr FPS

North Fork Flat Point Solids FPS

Experience one of the deepest straightest penetrating solids on the market. The large flat meplat, truncated nose and mono-metal design of the FPS delivers a resounding impact and a large deep wound channel. All North Fork solids are safe for modern double rifles, only the bands of the bullet touch the rifling, minimizing the stress on the barrel imparted by typical solids.

North Fork Cup Point Solids (CPS) 375 300gr CPS

North Fork Cup Point Solids CPS

The North Fork Cup Point Solids performs like no bullet you have experienced. It penetrates deep like a solid, but with a larger permanent wound channel. By adding a shallow cup to the front of the bullet, North Fork has created an "expanding solid" idea for up-close tough game.

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