Premium Bonded Bullets

Semi Spitzer (SS)

Semi Spitz

Premium Bonded Bullet 

Experience more one-shot hunts with the North Fork SS. This bullet is designed to give controlled yet rapid expansion and deep penetration within the largest possible range of velocities.

All our bullets are made from the best quality pure copper and lead. Our bonding process ensures that the lead core will not separate from the copper jacket. The shank is made out of solid copper for maximum penetration. Our bullets stay together even when used in high velocity calibers, such as the Weatherby 30-378.

* Very high retained mass thanks to both mechanical and chemical bonding
* Controlled and reliable expansion, perfect mushrooms every time
* Deep and straight-line penetration
* Barrel pressure and fouling is reduced thanks to our unique Smart Band Technology grooves

Available in calibers .257 to .474

Percussion Point (PP)

Percussion Point (PP)

 Extremely Rapid Expansion 

Our Percussion Point opens very rapidly and penetrates deeply. This bullet was designed specifically for soft-skinned dangerous game where immediate expansion is desired without compromising penetration. Using a traditional hard ”safari bullet” is not desired for this type of game as the bullets might not expand properly without enough resistance. Therefore we designed a bullet which expands very rapidly without losing mass.

The design is identical to our SS bullet, but the jacket has been purposefully weakened with a circular pre-cut groove. This gives the PP bullet all the same qualities as the SS, such as reliable expansion and very high weight retention.

Available in calibers .375 to .458

Flat Point (FP)

Flat point for use in tubular magazines

The FP bullet is our SS bullet especially manufactured for safe and reliable functioning in tubular magazines. This bullet retains the reliable expansion and deep penetration of the SS bullet.

Available in sizes which fit calibers such as the 30-30, .348 Winchester and 45-70 Government.

Available in calibers .308, .348, .458 and .500 

Copper Expanding (CPX)

Copper Expanding (CPX)

Expanding All Copper Bullet  

Our newest bullet is made form 100% pure high quality copper to ensure the best results. All copper bullet must be designed not only to expand reliably but also use copper of the best quality to prevent fragmentation. We started with our SS design and adapted it to function without the bonded lead core. This allowed us to design a bullet which retains all the positive traits of our classic SS bullet.

* 100% Lead Free
* Very high retained mass
* Reliable expansion
* Deep penetration
* Pressure and barrel fouling is reduced thanks to our Smart Band Technology

Available in calibers .224 to .375

Flat Point Solid (FPS)

Cup Point Solid (CPS)

Copper Solid for large Dangerous Game

Experience one of the deepest straightest penetrating solids on the market. The large flat meplat, truncated nose and mono-metal design of the FPS delivers a resounding impact and a large deep wound channel. When you need a bullet for extream penetration like Elephant hunt use North Fork FPS bullets. All North Fork solids are safe for modern double rifles, only the bands of the bullet touch the rifling, minimizing the stress on the barrel imparted by typical solids.

* One of the deepest penetrating bullets on the market.
* Straight penetrating, bullet don´t bend and start to deflect.
* Pressure and barrel fouling is reduced thanks to our Smart Band Technology

Available in calibers .284 to .510

Cup Point Solid (CPS)

Flat Point Solid (FPS)

Expanding Copper Solid 

Experience one of the best solid bullets ever made, the North Fork CPS performs like no other bullet you have ever experienced. The cup point expands up to 2/3 of caliber size and creates a wound-channel 3 to 5 times wider than caliber, penetrating like a solid. All North Fork solids are safe for modern double rifles, only the bands of the bullet touch the rifling, minimizing the stress on the barrel imparted by typical solids.

Several of our customers shot a buffalo with our 350gr .375 CPS and reported that the bullet penetrated through the whole body lengthwise. That is how a quality bullet should perform.

* Combines the deep penetration of a solid bullet with the wound channel of an expanding bullet
* Deep penetration even through hard bone
* Uniquely engineered “Cup Point”
* Pressure and barrel fouling is reduced thanks to our Smart Band Technology

Available in calibers .338 to .510

What makes our bullets unique?

North Fork's unique design

Not all bullets are created equal. At North Fork we pride ourselves with only using the best possible manufacturing techniques in order to build the best possible bullets.

Many bullets over-expand resulting in the center of mass moving rearwards during impact at which point the bullet begins to tumble resulting in loss of penetration and an unpredictable path through game. Unlike traditional lead-based cup and core bullets, faster velocities with North Fork bullets will not cause the bullet to over-expand limiting penetration but allows North Fork bullets to penetrate deeper. Our bullets also don’t fragment violently like “copper” bullets made from impure alloys sometimes do.

Pure Copper Jacket

While pure copper is both difficult to machine and expensive, it is the best material for bullet jackets when unfailing, controlled expansion is required.  Gilded metals (copper alloys) have impurities added to create stresses in the material that allow faster and easier machining, but they are less malleable and result in fractures during impact. In every instance, pure copper jacketed bullets will stay together better under impact than those made from “gilded or alloyed metals”.

Premium Bonded Lead Core

Bonding the lead core to the copper jacket eliminates lead core to jacket separation often seen in traditional non-bonded bullet designs. The molecular bond allows the bullet to stay together during impact resulting in higher retained weight than non-bonded or partially bonded bullets.  Lead enables a higher sectional density/heavier bullet for the same length compared to pure copper designs resulting in deeper penetration.

Solid Copper Shank

With the lead core in front and the solid copper shank in the rear, impact results in a perfect mushroom over a large range of velocities. At impact, the front lead core expands until it reaches the solid copper shank stopping the mushroom at its maximum diameter. With the solid copper shank and limited mushroom size, the center of mass remains forward of the centerline resulting in a stable, straight path through game.  

Smart Band Technology (SBT)

Copper has a tendency to foul the rifle barrel. Therefore we at North Fork have chosen to use much smaller bands (SBT) than the competition. The bands reduce the contact surface area between the bullet and rifling minimizing fouling. The smaller bands conform to the barrel by providing an area for the copper to flow dramatically reducing copper fouling. Other banded bullets have wide bands that minimize contact area but do not provide room for displacement. The process of manufacturing the smaller bands is more time consuming, but the result is a superior bullet.

Designed Impact Geometries (DIG)

North Fork bullets are designed to create the perfect mushroom in the field. Geometries are engineered to give you consistent expansion and unfailing reliability over the widest range of velocities possible whether shooting a high velocity magnum or a standard cartridge. The benefits, whether the game is up close or at a longer range, are predictable expansion, deep penetration and high retained weight. Traditional bullet designs only work well over a limited velocity range. North Fork bullets are designed to give you the confidence to take the shot.

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