Handloading Data


Below you can download our own handloading data. Please note that this data only covers calibers and powders that we ourselves have had the opportunity to test and that this data can in no way be equated with official data from powder manufacturers. 

Safety information when handloading

North Fork disclaims all liability for any damages which may result from handloading since individual handloading procedures are beyond our control. Handloading may only be performed by qualified adults. Careless or incorrect handloading can result in severe personal injury or even death. Handloading should only be performed after thorough instruction. Our stated loads are only examples of loads that we have tried in our own rifles. Always reference officially published data from powder manufacturers and start off using starting loads, step loads up carefully and conservatively. Reduce loads at the first signs off excessive pressure. Be aware that different powders, bullets and primers are not interchangable even if weights and stated burn times are similar. North Fork recommends that all handloaders use a chronograph. 

Use the form below to request handloading data. By submitting a request you confirm that you have read the satefy information when handloading.

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